Car Dealeship Information System

Project Description

Product’s first release: 2001.
Releases launched: more than 250 since 2006.

The idea of Highway is to centralize and standardize the information of distribution organization concerning cars in the aim to provide and gather information from the factory and from all over the dealer network.
The program consists of several different modules. The program is constructed as a vertically integrated system which follows car history from ordering from the factory up to the sales and more.

There are many different user levels in Highway (Dealer salesman, Logistics, Distributor, Salesman, Distributor+Salesman, Administrator etc). Each group is specially designed for user requirement and accessibility allowance.

The program is designed to be used very intuitively and therefor requires less training than intended in some other programs.

  • Services:

    • Backend
    • HTML/CSS
    • Javascript
    • MySQL
    • PHP